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This article covers the first steps and gives you important information to keep you on track. The most important information we give you is what states to work in and who to contact for the lists.

DO NOT automatically assume your state is the place to start working. If your state is in the list that appears below, you could work your local county first if you wish. If not, then pick another place.

The efforts of others can be leveraged and is how people do well without working constantly and how people get rich! Use the phone, email, post office and, most of all, the efforts of other people! You will not be able to work in areas away from your locality. With that limitation in place you are unlikely to be working the best leads and will instead be very busy and not making nearly the money you can make.

Resolve to act like a true businessperson and avoid errands and accomplish your work through the efforts of others. I firmly recommend you work only during times and in states where they do not limit what you can charge to help recover an overage.

I set out the States and Timeframes in this guide below. If you run into a time limitation, understand that there are plenty of other states to work in and plenty of overages to work—in fact new overages are being added across the U.

It is true that often you need to work within specific timeframes. Once the initial timeframe is past you can be subject to limitations on what you can charge. We have done the research for you to map out the Timeframes and the States you can work in. We recommend working in one state and just going through all the counties in that State. That makes legal compliance easy the compliance laws are state laws and by the time you are finished all the counties in a state there will be more overages available in the counties you finished months ago.

There are a few considerations to guide your decision about which state to work in and which county to start in. To be clear, you can work in any county within a state. Counties with higher populations will likely have more overages just because they have more tax sales. Thus higher-population counties are likely to have more overages.

That being said, go and get lists from any county within these states and you are likely to find overages to work.

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New ones are added every time there is a tax sale so it is a pond that is being restocked all the time!Don't miss the latest articles, products, offers, and events. Subscribe today and get four free bonus gifts! Today I want to talk to you about a topic not many people are too familiar with - Tax Foreclosures and a little known niche in the real estate industry called "Overages.

There are over 3, Tax Foreclosures completed on every, single business day across the United States. When a property is in foreclosureit's usually there for one of two different reasons:. The county will put the property up for sale at an auction. The homeowner has to make a claim to the county clerk and the court usually reviews these claims and awards the homeowner his money. This is an ideal world scenario, but in the real world, the homeowner may not know he has money coming to him and these funds eventually become the county's money.

Morgan says these Tax Foreclosure sales generate nearly It's unbelievable! They do NOT tell the former owner this equity is due to them because if it's not collected, the government gets to keep that money after a fixed amount of time. My good friend, Bob Diamond, is an expert in this niche of overages and helps homeowners get the money that's due to them. He just recently told me that they currently have 2.

overages blueprint review

There are a few things you will need to be successful in the overages business. Here are the four simple steps you will need to follow:. Bob told me the other day that the largest overage he's seen since doing this is 1.

That's incredible, right?

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The overages market is a great place for a real estate newbie to begin their career. These finder's fees add up to a very nice income for anyone putting a full-time effort. Start with tax sale overages, and then work your way up to more complicated funds like mortgage foreclosure overages and unclaimed estates.

By the time you've got a few tax cases under your belt, you'll feel like an old pro. This is also a great way for someone who doesn't want to buy and sell houses anymore to stay in the real estate market without getting their hands too dirty. Bob refers to this as the "Robin Hood System" and if you think about, this name totally makes sense. There is a significant amount of money in it for YOU as an insider who would be finding this money for people from the federal government.

This can help you take your business to the next level - these "overages" are a phenomenal way to make new money. You are helping people regain money to rebuild their lives, while making a nice profit for yourself. Free Monthly Update Don't miss the latest articles, products, offers, and events. Name: Email:. Website Navigation. Site Navigation. Copyright Notice.

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Overage Refund Specialists

When a property is in foreclosureit's usually there for one of two different reasons: The homeowner is not paying their mortgage and the mortgage company is foreclosing to possess the house.

If the homeowner does not pay their property taxes, there can be a Tax Foreclosure by the local county and if that property goes to Tax Foreclosure auction, there is often a bidder who buys the property for more than what was owed in property taxes. Here are the four simple steps you will need to follow: Find out who is owed the money and who to get a targeted list.

Because Bob is an attorney, he knows exactly how to acquire the list needed to find these former homeowners. You need to be able to locate the former owner using a skip tracing strategy and once you find them, you will need their cooperation to go get the money.

An agreement between you and the former homeowner needs to exist so they know they can work with you, trust you, and pay you your finder's fee. Josh Cantwell.With purchase of the course you have a three 3 day period to review the course materials.

Any downloading of the legal documents, forms, or scripts voids your ability to receive a refund. If you are not completely satisfied and have followed the below conditions you can have a full refund. Those are all available to you at www. Once you pay for the course you will have immediate access to all training and forms. The course is not returnable if you have downloaded any of the forms or call scripts. Those are proprietary to the system, cost us many hours to put together and would cost thousands of dollars in professional attorney time and a great deal of overages specific experience to put together.

Those items are only needed if you are going to keep the system and implement it. Assuming you do keep the system you can download all forms and scripts as needed and more than once if necessary. Also, if you have returned two or more courses or products you purchased from us within the past 12 months we reserve the right not to sell any products, services or courses to you including our own and including any affiliate products.

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overages blueprint review

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Officials were tipped off about the scam by complaints from affected owners and county officials, who notified the attorney general's Homeowner Protection Unit.

Bob Diamond -Checking For Legitimacy: How Can You Avoid the Scam

In other cases, however, the money was collected by the defendants. Tim Evans is IndyStar's consumer advocate. Call him at Follow him on Twitter: starwatchtim.

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Tim Evanstim.Bob Diamond scam or Ripoff is completely false and just false accusation. Bob Diamond Real Estate.

overages blueprint review

Bob Diamond tips and tricks warning take you through the most common fraudster who tries to get your cash and how you can avoid them. Let us discuss some of the most common tricks that tricksters use to steal your money by tricking you. If you are running out of money, you can use your property to get some extra cash to cover the expenses.

Crooks approaches your fund-stripped homeowners and promise you to consolidate the loan as they hold the titles for the properties. The crooks then fail to made payments as agreed. They also kept all payments, which are made by the customer.

After that, these criminals reportages your property and disappears with all the cash. The homeowner is left with the debt and without the property. Title fraud is the occasional type of fraud Bob Diamond says. This is the most devastating type of fraud among all the frauds.

“Getting Started in the Overages Business” by Bob Diamond

The tricksters gain the title document from the real owner of the real estate property, then forges these documents, and later on transfer the title to his own name.

Using these forget documents, the tricksters take the mortgage or cash, etc. Homes that are owned by the aged people and free from the mortgage are prevalent with this type of fraud. Old people do not know how they can protect themselves from this type of identity frauds. To avoid becoming a victim of title fraud, avoid sharing your critical property information and documents with any third party until your deal has been done.

Title insurance option is also available for your safety. Always make yourself self-analytic to avoid real estate frauds. Ask yourself a question before you buy or rent a property about the factors that could go wrong. Always make secure transactions. Fortunately, industy experts like Bob Diamond know the ins and outs of realty investing.

Clients count on his knowledge and experience when making real estate decisions. Some minor criticism rose on Bob Diamond real estate scam victims have sprouted from isolated cases. And to ensure people who availed his kits get the most out of their material, Bob Diamond and his team makes it a point to train their clients well so they will know how to properly apply all the ideas to life. Beginners and full time investors use these materials as basis for their investment planning and decision making, with some delivering great results on their chosen investments.

For those who wish to be ahead of the game, learning more about Bob Diamond tax sales as well as the basics of investment is a must. He has appeared in various media outlets such as Fox and NBC and was consulted on matters about real estate. For Bob Diamondtax sales know-how spring from a solid foundation of investing. Aside from sound real estate counsel, he is also known from giving practical training to those who seek it. About the Author. Name required.

Email required will not be published. If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a Gravatar. April 15, Diamond Law Center. By admin on July 04th, We have invested the last 3 years of our lives working in this business and now unveil the best of both worlds, our new knowledge, tools and skills blended with the strong history of success and experience.

Our story is a little different, we are MBA's, Lawyers and business professionals who have created a real company where phones are answered 7 days a week 24 hours a day and we have well trained experienced people here to help you in support.

Naturally, we ask that the more challenging and nuanced support things are laid out in an email to ensure we get the right person to help you in our company, mundane and easy things like user id's password resets, etc. The "how to" interpret lists from counties, skip trace nuances, filling out contracts, yep, those go in an email and we work on those from every day Mike, Michelle, Ashleigh, Christine, Ed, Dave and Bob do need to have a life too! This is a strong company led by strong experienced leaders with enough grey to be smart about life and some youngsters to keep it moving fast!

They do that you know, kinda like puppies nipping at the older dogs heels and we love to have fun with you and keep a sense of humor while doing really good work! Go out there and make a great living and a difference by recovering money for those in desperate need! We are here for you every step of the way to help you achieve your personal version of success. Lancaster Ave. Home My Account Contact Us. Welcome to the Overages Blueprint Portal!

Login Email: Password: Remember me Lost your password?Bob Diamond Real Estate This article will provide you with pretty information about what you should look for when it comes to legitimate real estate companies both online and off. Hopefully, you will be able to avoid scams right away after reading this article. For example in case of Bob Diamond Ripoff these are totally wrong.

A company that has been in the industry for at least are 3 to 5 years already is more than likely legitimate.

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Bob Diamond Ripoff news are totally false because he has been in the industry for more than 20 years now and has served hundreds of successful clients. In addition to this, you also have to look at customer reviews on their website.

These reviews will determine whether they will provide you with the best real estate services that you can find on the Internet. You also have to look into their affiliate companies. Are they connected to any other real estate entities that you know of? If they are, you can go ahead and contact their affiliate companies and do some research on the company that you are going to work within the future.

In addition to this, you can also look for other customers who can attest to the legitimacy of the company that you are trying to do your research on. Aside from looking at the reviews on the website, you should take some time to interview customers one on one so that you would have an idea as to how the company operates when it comes to customer service.

Overages Blueprint - Your Blueprint for Building Your Overages Business

This will give you a better idea as to what you can expect from the company in terms of dealing with customers and overall assistance.

The key here is to be patient. Background checks me take some time, but it is surely worth to do. You will feel much safer knowing that you can hand over your property to a company that not only will provide you with gigabit service but also will give you the security that you need when it comes to making the sale.

By being careful, you will be able to protect yourself from any type of unscrupulous entities that might end up doing a real estate con on you. So, go for the experts like Bob Diamond and avoid all scams and disappointments.

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Loft structures are frequently viewed as a business, despite the fact that they are utilized for living arrangements. That is on the grounds that they are claimed to deliver salary. The structures can be utilized for research, creation, stockpiling and dispersion of products.

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Precious stone surrendered as CEO of Barclays after a Bank of England hearing on July 3,after debating over control of Libor loan fees by brokers utilized by the bank.

Helping Investors Since Blog Contact Us Read Customer Reviews In addition to this, you also have to look at customer reviews on their website.